The money that Romania can win at EURO 2024 – The prizes offered by UEFA

The money that Romania can win at EURO 2024 - The prizes offered by UEFA

Romania is present in the European Championship after an eight-year break, and UEFA will offer record prizes in EURO 2024. “Tricolori” have already earned 9.25 million euros, but they will collect a large amount for every positive result obtained in the last tournament in Germany.

The Romanian national football teamPhoto: Daniel MIHAILESCU / AFP / Profimedia

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The money offered by UEFA in EURO 2024 – The winner can get 34 million euros

The edition numbered 17 in the history of the European Championship could enrich the big winner with 34 million euros.

There is only one condition: to win all group matches until lifting the trophy.

UEFA will offer record prizes in this year’s edition, and if there is a tournament winner who prevails in all games (group three, round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals – for a total of seven game) went home with 34 million euros.

Participation in EURO 2024: 9.25 million euros

Success in groups: 1.5 million euros

Group draw: 750,000 euros

Qualification in eighth: 2 million euros

Qualifying quarters: 3.25 million euros

Qualification to the semi-finals: 5 million euros

Finalist: 7 million euros

Champion: 10 million euros.

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Romania and the version of the infernal group from Euro 2024: with France, Holland and Italy

The victory over Switzerland (1-0) also confirmed the fact that the tricolors are in the second prize pool in the draw on December 2.

21 teams are known to have qualified for next summer’s final tournament in Germany (June 14-July 14), with the bottom three getting their tickets following the Nations League play-offs.

The most difficult variant of the group that could have the tricolors after the draw is really a return in time: that is, the opponents we also met in Euro 2008: France, When and Italy.

At the opposite pole, we could fall into a more accessible group, with opponents like Slovakia and one of the play-off winners on route C (Georgia, Luxembourg, Greece or Kazakhstan).

In conclusion, an easier group might look like this: Belgium, Slovakia, Luxemburg.

Euro 2024, the teams qualified for the 17th edition of the competition

Germany (host country)

Spain (winner of Group A)

Scotland (second place in Group A)

France (winner of Group B)

Netherlands (second place in Group B)

England (winners of Group C)

Italy (second place in Group C)

Turkey (winner of Group D)

Albania (winners of Group E)

Czech Republic (second place in Group E)

Belgium (winners of Group F)

Austria (second place in Group F)

Hungary (winner of group G)

Serbia (second place in Group G)

Denmark (winner of Group H)

Slovenia (second place in Group H)

Romania (winner of Group I)

Switzerland (second place in Group I)

Portugal (winner of Group J)

Slovakia (second place in Group J)

Croatia (second place in Group D)

To learn:

  • The draw of the groups for Euro 2024 will take place on December 2, from 19:00 (Romanian time) at the “Elbphilharmonie” in Hamburg.
  • During the draw, first of all the group winners are considered, and then the 2nd place finishers.

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What the ballot boxes will look like for the draw in Hamburg

Urn 1: Germany (host country), Portugal, France, Spain, Belgium, England.

Urn 2: Hungary, Turkey, Denmark, Albania, Romania, Austria.

Urn 3: Netherlands, Scotland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia.

Urn 4: Italia, Serbia, Elvectia, Play-Off A, Play-Off B, Play-Off C.



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