How to use CapCut Green Screen Latest Method 2023

Green screen editing is nowadays very popular among people. If you want to edit your videos by using green screen but have no idea how to use CapCut green screen, then don’t worry a complete guideline is given in this post about how to use green screen in CapCut.

There are two methods to use the green screen in CapCut

CapCut Green Screen
CapCut Green Screen

1: How to use the green screen in capcut with the Chroma key?

first of all, ensure that the green screen overlay is already in your gallery if you don’t have a green screen overlay already then you can easily download it from any of the copyright-free material websites like pixabay  with the help of this you can easily create the amazing type of green screen videos:

step 1:  upload background

click on “New Project” and select the video as background you can also select more than one video clip and then go to the “Add” option.

New Project

Step 2:  Add green screen overlay

Click on “Overlay” from the menu and tap on the “Add overlay” button then select your desired green screen video to add the background.

Step 3: Select the color you want to remove

Select the green screen video and find the “Chroma key” button from the menu and click on it. A color picker will appear, select green  or any other color you want to remove

Step 4: Remove Color

To remove the selected color click on “Intensity” from the menu, then you will see the intensity bar at the bottom, drag the intensity bar until the green color disappears. You can also decrease and increase shadows by clicking on the “shadow” button.

Remove Green Screen

Step 5: Export video:

if you are satisfied with the video then export it by clicking on the checkmark. Now you can use this video on your desired social media platforms.

2: How to use the green screen in capcut with Background Remover?

  This is another method to use the green screen on capcut, by using this method you can easily remove the background of any video by clicking on the “remove background” option.

Step by step by guideline about this method is  given below:

Step 1: Add Background clips

First of all open CapCut then click on “New Project” after that select the video clips and click on the “Add” button

Add Video

Step 2:  Choose the Green Screen Overlay

Select the “overlay” option from the menu and then click on the “Add overlay” button after that select the green screen video and then click on the “Add” button


Step 3:  Choose the “Remove background” option

When the green screen video clip is added then go to the menu at the bottom to find the “Remove background” option, click on this option to remove the background

Remove Background

Step 4: Export the video 

after making final changes export your video and enjoy using it on your different platforms

Frequently Asked Questions

1: How to Remove the Green Screen on capcut?

You can remove the green screen by usingĀ  two methods, the first method is the Background remover feature and the second method is Chroma key feature

2: How to Add a Green Screen Overlay?

Go to the “Overlay” option click on the “Add Overlay” button and then on “Add”


In this blog post, complete guidelines are shared about how to use the green screen in capcut by two different methods. The steps of these methods are very easy to apply, just follow these steps and make your videos special. Thanks for visiting!!!  If you have any questions then comment below; Stay connected!

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