How To Blur On Capcut (Step-By-Step Guide) 2023

Nowadays there are a number of video editors available that are compatible with both Android and iOS. There are lots of video editor, but CapCut is one of the best video editors that meets all the editing requirements and give you amazing results.

There are a lot of amazing features due to which Capcut is very popular among its users made it popular among its users, some of the amazing features are Capcut 3D Zoom, effects, filters, transitions, text,  overlays, stickers, canvas, and many others. In this blog post, we will discuss how to blur on capcut.

Here we will discuss three methods of How to blur on capcut with complete details and by step by step guidance

 By using this method, you can easily blur a whole video or a specific portion of your video easily in a few minutes, you can also blur the background of your video and make your video a highly professional and unique frame. These methods will give you high-quality results without affecting your video quality.

Three Methods to blur on capcut

1:How to blur an entire video in CapCut

2:How to Blur a specific Region of the Video in capcut

3:How to blur the background of a video in capcut

By using these methods you can easily gain the attention of users and in this way, you can easily blur any portion of your video that you don’t want to show your audience. Just follow these steps to use the capcut’s motion blur effect.

How to blur an entire video in CapCut

If you want to use the motion blur effect in capcut to edit and blur your entire video to create suspense and curiosity among your audience just follow the guideline and enjoy.

Step1:Install CapCut

The first step is to install CapCut on your device then open it and create a “New Project” select the video you want to blur then click on “Add”

Step 2: Choose “Effects”

You will see the editing panel at the bottom, select the “Effect” Menu

Step 3: Select the “Blur” mode

Here you will see two options “Video Effects” and “Body Effects”. Choose the “Video Effect” that you want to use. There are a number of more classifications available here, such as “Trending,” “Basic,” “Blink,” “party,” “D3D,” and many more. You may see a rundown of the available effects by clicking on the “Basic” tab now. If you look for “Blur” and click on it, a Tick mark will appear in the top right corner.

Step 4:Adjust the blur effect

Move the blur effect timeline to the right to the end of the video to apply the effect to the entire clip. Now click the play button to preview your video to check out the blur effect

2:How to Blur a specific Region of the Video in capcut

we all expect the perfect shot when we snap a photo or record a video, but sometimes some awkward things are also captured in our favorite videos during recording a video or by capturing an image. This ruins our photo and dulls the subject we’re trying to capture. So don’t worry; the capcut blur effect makes it simple to blur any distracting elements.

This unique feature of CapCut can blur only a selected region or portion of your video or image so follow the following guideline and blur the unwanted portion or region of your video.

Step1.Overlay your video

Search for the “Overlay” option available at the bottom menu and select the video from the gallery as a layer. Make sure that the underlying video must be the same one that was originally selected. If you’re happy with the size of the video, go ahead and adjust the overlay settings to match.

Step2: Blur the overlay

To access the Blur filter, open the main editing panel of the Capcut and go to Effects > Basic > Blur. Now the “Object” drop-down menu to drag the blur timeline with the video. Select “Overlay” from the list of videos to apply the blur effect, then confirm your selection by tapping the tik in the upper right. and save changes

Step3:Slect the blur shapes

Select “Overlay” from the main menu and then “Mask” Select the Blur shape that fits on the object or on a person and tape on the tick mark to confirm your selection

Step4:Adjust Blur Position and Size Modification

Now set the position of the blur shape according to the object. You can watch a preview of the video by tapping the tick mark before you download it. You can save it to your gallery if you’re satisfied with the outcome.

Now your video is complete and ready to be shared on social media.

3:How to blur the background of a video in capcut

Sometimes we travel to visit beautiful locations and here in those locations we capture some videos and pictures of our precious moments special, however, it would be helpful if, before sharing on social media, you blur the background and highlighted it in the same way that many photographers do. Here we will learn how to blur the video’s background in CapCut.

Step1: Install Capcut to Work for You

Install Capcut from our website. The “New Project” button is located in the main menu. If you wish to alter the background of your existing video, you can do so by tapping the button, starting a new project, and then selecting the video from your phone’s gallery.

Step2:Set your Video Proportion

Select the “Formats” option in the main menu. In this step, you’ll choose the video’s aspect ratio

Step3:Use Canva to blur the Background

Select“Canva” from the many available options at the top, and then click“Blur” from the submenu. You can try a number of different blurring styles for your video’s background.


Here we discussed complete methods to blur your videos and images in CapCut, with the help of these detailed steps, you will learn three distinct methods for blurring on capcut.In this way, you can easily save your ideal memories and you can also use them on your social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, etc. If you have still any confusion just comment below.Thanks for visiting our site and stay connected for further information about CapCut Video Editor.

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