How To Add Background In Capcut | Complete Guideline 2023

As you can make different changes in your videos by using the amazing features of CapCut and can easily customize your videos to make your projects highly professional. Let’s dive into the article and follow the How To Add Background In CapCut guideline:

Add Background In CapCut

You can add an attractive background to your videos and customize your videos with amazing and unique backgrounds. Here in this blog post, all the methods to add a background are discussed in detail, including adding a background with Green Screen, adding a background without Green Screen, and editing or changing the background using the CapCut Background remover.  

Just follow the complete and simple guidelines to add or edit your desired background and make your videos special:

How To Add Background In CapCut with Green Screen

Green Screen

Step1: Install CapCut

First of all, install CapCut on your cell phone, then click on “New Project” to add background to your desired project.

New Project

Step2: Add Overlay:

Click on the “Overlay” button, it will proceed to the further menu, then you have to click on the “Add Overlay” button inside the “Overlay” to import or to select the Green Screen background that you have already in your cell phone.

Step3: Apply Chroma Key:

Choose the “Chroma Key” Option from the menu and then click on the “Color Picker” option to choose a Green color for the background of your project, here you can make many changes by using Chroma Key features including “Intensity” and “Shadow” in your project to make it realistic.

Apply Chroma Key

After making desired changes in your video, you will get your final result having a beautiful image or background on your video. Save and Export your edited video

How To Add Background In CapCut Without Green Screen

If you are not fully satisfied with the results of the first method then you should try another best method to add a background in CapCut without a Green screen, just follow the step-by-step guideline and add a background to your video:

Without Green Screen

Step1: Install CapCut:

The first step is to install the CapCut app on your device, go to the “New Project” option and import your desired background video or image.

Step2: Add Overlay

Go to overlay, then add an overlay to import the overlay video, and then click on the “Remove Background” button from the menu, after that wait for the CapCut background removal process until it finishes.

Step3: Export Video

When the overlay video background is successfully removed and the background video or image shows up, then go to “Export” your video and finally you got it!!!

Note: Sometimes this method doesn’t work for some videos, then you should try the first method given in this post!

How to Edit and Modify a Video background in CapCut

Background on Video In CapCut

If you want to modify any video background or you want to make some changes in the video background, then you can make these changes by using the Green Screen feature.

For this purpose you have to follow the guideline given below:

1: Install the CapCut app, create a “New Project” and import desired video you want to edit

2: Click the “Overlay” button to add a Green Screen video overlay

3: Click the overlay video in the timeline and then click on the “Chroma Key” button, go to the color picker, and select that part of the video you want to make changes or remove

Chroma Key

4: Go to the “Intensity” and “Shadow” options to set the video background and make it more attractive

5: After making all these changes, now you have to Export your video to save it!


In this blog post, we have shared complete details and all methods to Add Background in CapCut, it would be helpful for you! Thanks for visiting!!! Stay connected

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