CentrulDeSanatate.info, a free platform launched by a civic organization where health issues are explained in a way that everyone can understand

CentrulDeSanatate.info, a free platform launched by a civic organization where health issues are explained in a way that everyone can understand

Civic organization Code for Romania launched the CentrulDeSanatate.info platform that explains health issues in a way that everyone can understand, according to a press release. The solution includes easy-to-understand articles and explanations about diseases and health issues in the general population, as well as instructions for specific situations. Through interactive resources and tailored content, the project encourages an in-depth understanding of health issues, promoting preventative practices and a healthy lifestyle, say the creators of the platform.

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  • “Code for Romania, the world’s largest civic technology organization, launched the seventh free solution announced as part of the “Wait, Romanians” campaign. #PUTEM3000″: CentrulDeSanatate.info, solution designed to communicate in an accessible way on health issues, translating complex resources into easy-to-understand resources for the public. In short, the www.CentrulDeSanatate.info platform explains health problems in a way people understand, drawing inspiration from the platform developed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the USA (equivalent to the National Institute of Public Health) for health education of the population. The digital solution is created and validated by Code for Romania with experts in the field, being developed in partnership with the Romanian College of Physicians, with the participation of the Commission of Resident Physicians and with the support of Endava”, said announced the civic organization in a press release.

According to the Code for Romania, in Romania, access to medical services depends to a large extent on the patient’s environment, and when faced with a simple question like “It hurts”. What should I do?”, people often formulate their own answers, based on their own assessment.

“In short, Romanians experience difficulties in correctly accessing the system and often face problems in identifying solutions, institutions, specialists or information for their health problems. The lack of centralization of information generates difficulties of access, and if a person does not have a minimum of knowledge in the field, it is difficult to obtain help,” specifies the association’s press release.

What information can users find on CentrulDeSanatate.info:

  • An explanatory section on general illnesses and conditions, sexually transmitted diseases, cancer, diabetes, flu, etc. ;
  • A collection of articles so that everyone can understand how to take care of their health and that of their loved ones;
  • An emergency section containing information, advice and actions you can take in the event of calamities: natural disasters, bad weather or other emergencies.

“The platform is a step towards balancing geographic inequalities and supporting primary health care, thus contributing to reducing risks and improving the quality of life of the population. CentrulDeSanatate.info is another solution through which we contribute to public health in Romania and which we make available to citizens free of charge”, says Olivia Vereha, co-founder and product code director for Romania.

“As a national professional organization, we support access to specialized medical information, in a form that supports both education, prevention or disease management efforts within the population, as well as as constructive communication and trusting relationship between doctor and patient,” says university professor Daniel Coriu, president of the Romanian College of Physicians.

The organization recalls that the application launched today is part of a series of digital solutions “that respond to the current problems of Romanians, solutions created by Code for Romania in an unprecedented campaign: 12 solutions in 12 weeks, launched until the end of the year”. .

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