Another woman accuses Puff Daddy of sexual abuse / When the facts would have happened

Another woman accuses Puff Daddy of sexual abuse / When the facts would have happened

US rapper Sean Combs, known by the stage name “Puff Daddy”, is being sued by another woman who claims she was drugged and sexually assaulted by the artist in 1991, Reuters and the BBC are reporting, according to

Puff Daddy and Cassie Ventura in 2017Photo: AT1 / Backgrid UK / Profimedia

The woman states in the complaint consulted by the BBC that the assault took place during a meeting with the rapper.

Combs last weekend settled another lawsuit accusing him of sexual assault, brought by R&B singer Casandra “Cassie” Ventura, his ex-girlfriend. She claimed the producer raped and beat her for over 10 years, starting when she was 19 and he was 37.

A representative for the rapper called the new claims “fabricated and unbelievable.” – It is simply an attempt to get money and nothing more, Combs’ spokesman told the BBC on Thursday.

The current plaintiff, Joi Dickerson-Neal, says she knew Combs — who goes by the stage names “Puff Daddy” and “P Diddy” — through acquaintances. She also appeared in one of his videos.

According to the complaint, on January 3, 1991, she “reluctantly” agreed to meet Combs at a Harlem restaurant where she worked, and he “insisted on keeping her company while she attended several events around town.”

The woman says Puff Daddy filmed the sexual assault

She states that she was drugged by the rapper at the time, “as a result of being in a physical state where she could not stand or walk on her own.” He later drove her to where he was staying, where he sexually assaulted her, according to the complaint.

She states that she later found out that he secretly filmed everything and showed the images to several people. The documents in the file show that after the alleged assault, her life went “downhill” – she faced mental health problems and quickly dropped out of college.

The legal action came hours before New York’s Adult Survivors Decree, which allows alleged victims of sex crimes to sue after the statute of limitations has expired, expired on Friday.

“Our client has not been able to escape the continuing impact of the harm that Combs inflicted on her many years ago,” said Jonathan Goldhirsch, one of the plaintiff’s attorneys. “Through the decree on adult survivors, one can turn to the legal system to finally seek justice,” he pointed out.

A rep for Combs said:

“This last-minute lawsuit is an example of how a well-intentioned law can be turned on its head. Dickerson’s 32-year history is fabricated and not credible.”



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