5 ambulance union leaders on hunger strike, unhappy that pension law does not recognize difficult working conditions / Demonstrations by ambulance drivers across the country

The ambulance drivers have given up their hunger strike, announces the vice-president of the PSD: A constructive dialogue with Prime Minister Ciolacu and the Minister of Labor

​Five ambulance service union leaders have gone on hunger strike, angry that pension law fails to recognize difficult working conditions in the system. The trade unionists demonstrated on Tuesday morning in front of the Chamber of Deputies and, from midday, they moved in front of the government, reports News.ro. Employees of the system, who are not on duty, are also demonstrating at the headquarters of the ambulance units. And the unionists of the Health Federation announced Tuesday that they were “deeply disappointed and seriously infringed on their rights” by the new pension law, since the “justified amendments” of employees were not taken into account , being rejected in the Chamber of Deputies. Also, trade unionists accuse “the simulation of public consultation”.

ambulancePhoto: INQUAM Photos / Octav Ganea

The Ambulance Federation announced on Tuesday that five ambulance service union leaders had started a hunger strike. I am currently on hunger strike:

  • Chiş Gheorghe – president of the National Federation of Ambulance Unions of Romania
  • Gâdiuţă Claudia – leader of the Free Independent Trade Union Salverea Tulcea
  • Dragomir Valentin – leader of the Brăila Ambulance Union
  • Alexandru Comănescu – leader of the Vâlcea Ambulance Union
  • Muşa Daniel Constantin – leader of the Olt ambulance union

In support of the 5 union leaders, employees of all ambulance services, who were during their free time, demonstrated from Tuesday November 21, 2023, from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., in the central offices of all ambulance services: “No- recognition of the working conditions in which the operational professional staff of the ambulance services carry out their activity, right canceled by the vote of the Labor and Social Protection Commission and by the vote of the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies, dated November 20, 2023, at the proposal of the Government of Romania, through the Ministry of Labor and Social Solidarity and the National House of Public Pensions, through the draft law on the public pension system”, sent the trade unionists.

They demand an urgent meeting with Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu, but also with the Ministers of Labor and Health “to establish the modalities for settling union demands and find solutions to resolve the situations facing the ambulance services”.

And unionists from the Health Federation announced Tuesday that they are “deeply disappointed and seriously infringed on their rights” by the new pension law: “Employees in the health sector affiliated with the Health Federation in Romania and not only, are deeply disappointed and seriously harmed in their present but especially future rights, taking into account the new form of the law on pensions, which represents a new slap in the face for Health employees,” the Federation announced on Tuesday. of Health, in a press release. .

They accuse the fact that the amendments requested by the trade union organizations, even if they were “fully justified”, were not taken into account and were rejected in corpore during the vote in the committees of the Chamber of Deputies, because the body’s decision-making process for the pension law, “without much debate”.

The pension law was adopted on Monday by the Chamber of Deputies, as the decision-making body.

Health system unionists accuse the elimination of special working conditions of the provisions of the normative act.



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